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Having served over 98,000 patients worldwide, AposTherapy® is clinically proven to deliver lasting pain relief and to improve function, mobility and quality of life.

Specially adapted to each patient by a trained physiotherapist, AposTherapy® is meant for people who suffer from knee, back, hip, or ankle pain.

How to receive AposTherapy®

To determine if AposTherapy® is suitable for your condition and to ensure you’ll benefit from the treatment, a free assessment will be carried out by an AposTherapy® certified physiotherapist. Based on the result, you and the physiotherapist will decide on a plan that includes your own personally-adjusted AposTherapy® device and treatment schedule. Your progress will be monitored throughout the treatment, with adjustments to the device and treatment schedule made as necessary.

There are 3 ways to receive AposTherapy® treatment
  • Through the NHS
  • Through private medical insurance
  • Funding your own treatment (self-pay package)

At this stage, AposTherapy® is only available via the NHS in Bedfordshire and Greenwich (via Circle Health) and Mid-Essex (MECCG).

It is currently commissioned as an alternative option for patients that would otherwise likely progress to requiring joint replacement surgery and showing some great results. Patients are referred into their local triage service via the GP’s in the normal way. At this point, specialist clinicians will screen and refer appropriate patients for the therapy to be assessed by the physiotherapists trained in AposTherapy®. If patients are suitable and likely to benefit from the therapy, they will be able to start their treatment programme the same day.

WPA, Cigna, Simply Health, and The Exeter insurance companies have direct settlement arrangements for AposTherapy® treatment. Prior to admission, you must contact your insurer to confirm that your policy covers AposTherapy® and to receive a pre-authorisation code for the treatment. Please note that since medical insurance is a contract between the member / patient and the insurance company, settlement of the account remains the patient’s responsibility. Our patient care team is available to answer any of your questions or queries.

You may choose to pay for the AposTherapy® treatment yourself. Our fixed pricing* eliminates any hidden charges. This can be reassuring, especially if you’re considering private care for the first time.

Considering AposTherapy®’s benefits – such as it being non-invasive, medicine-free, and scientifically proven to significantly decrease pain by addressing the root biomechanical problems – there are enough reasons to consider paying for it even if it’s not covered by your insurance company.

This AposTherapy® treatment will include

AposTherapy® Treatment Plan ComponentsStandard
Personalised AposTherapy® foot-worn biomechanical device1
Months of treatment12
Qualified specially trained certified physiotherapist (ACPT)Yes
Personalised treatment programmeYes
Number of follow-up consultations**Up to 5
Replacement of damaged components of the device at follow-up consultationsYes
Adjustments of components of the device according to the clinical needs at the follow-up consultationsYes
Patient support servicesYes
What are my payment options?Standard
Total Cost£2,480
Specific payment plans are available in certain locations and can be discussed with you by the individual clinics.
* Price assumes zero percent VAT rated supply, subject to eligibility criteria.
** Follow-up consultations need to be used within the months included in your treatment plan.

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