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How much does it cost?+

For our NHS partners we are able to tailor costs depending on where AposTherapy® falls into the pathway. Please get in touch with our Clinical Director Seema Odedra to discuss further.

Can I get AposTherapy through the NHS?+

At this present time we are working on projects, with an end goal of making AposTherapy® widely available within the NHS so that many more patients can benefit from this treatment within the public sector. At this stage, AposTherapy® is only available via the NHS in Bedfordshire and Greenwich (via Circle Health) and Mid-Essex (MECCG). It is currently commissioned as an alternative option for patients that would otherwise likely progress to requiring joint replacement surgery and showing some great results.  Patients are referred into their local triage service via the GP's in the normal way.  At this point, specialist clinicians will screen and refer appropriate patients for the therapy to be assessed by the physiotherapists trained in AposTherapy. If patients are suitable and likely to benefit from the therapy, they will be able to start their treatment programme the same day. The data is being reviewed by an independent party with the plan to publish the data in the appropriate peer reviewed journal once completed.