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The NHS is charged with offering better healthcare whilst implementing increasing budgetary constraints. It is a challenge to bring about cost improvements and increased productivity and at the same time improve the quality of care, bring in innovative healthcare and implement prevention programs. To address these challenges in musculoskeletal related pathologies, there is a great and growing need for new, efficient, effective treatments and medical devices.

AposTherapy®, has been clinically proven to effectively treat a variety of lower limb and low back musculoskeletal pathologies. Offering better care for patients with regards to pain reduction, improved function and increased quality of life, AposTherapy® does so at a fraction of the cost of other treatments.

For example, in knee osteoarthritis, AposTherapy® can reduce pain and improve function so that for some patients it can delay and may even deter the need for surgical interventions. This can significantly reduce costs in direct and indirect medical care.

Currently working with a number of CCGs, AposTherapy has proven to improve the medical pathway for musculoskeletal lower extremity pathologies at minimum risk and virtually no side effects. AposTherapy® is therefore aligned with the challenges the NHS faces and is perfectly positioned to both reduce costs and improve the clinical outcomes for many patients.

AposTherapy‘s business model for the NHS highlights the need to deliver more cost-effective options with better outcomes for the individual. AposTherapy® delivers a person focused treatment regime, with outcomes that outperform current treatment options and reduces costs. As a result, AposTherapy® is considered a unique solution to effectively manage the resources of a modern healthcare system.

Mid Essex CCG

Mid Essex CCG is offering the innovative AposTherapy treatment to their patients as an alternative to total knee replacement surgery.

We want to share with you this really nice video made by Mid Essex CCG explaining the treatment and its benefits to their patients.

If you know anyone suffering from knee OA – tag them or share this video and help them improve their quality of life.