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AposTherapy® offers a new approach for the treatment and management of musculoskeltal conditions based on the latest scientific evidence regarding the central role biomechanics plays in the pathophysiology of OA and other pathologies. By combining optimal body alignment with controlled perturbation while walking as part of daily routine, AposTherapy® restores neuromuscular control, instilling desirable patterns of motion for significant reduction in pain, and improvement in function and quality of life.



Reduced Pain

Clinically proven to provide significant and lasting pain relief

Many AposTherapy® patients report a significant pain relief as early as their initial consultation, when experiencing the AposTherapy® unique biomechanical device for the first time. An independent survey, conducted in the UK indicated that 86% of AposTherapy® patients reported a reduction in pain, the vast majority in just over a month. What’s more, pain relief is long-lasting. One recent clinical trial re-examined knee osteoarthritis patients two years after using AposTherapy® and found that level of pain reduction was maintained.

Improved Function

Move confidently whether walking, climbing stairs or exercising

AposTherapy® was developed by orthopaedic specialists to help with a range of musculoskeletal conditions that result in limited joint function. As part of AposTherapy® patients receive a personally adjusted biomechanical device which reduces pressure from painful areas of the affected joint and introduces controlled micro-instability to re-educate neuromuscular control. AposTherapy® instills correct patterns of motion as the patient walks, which enables effective motor learning. By combining correct load alignment with micro-instability, the unique AposTherapy® technology represents a breakthrough in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and is clinically proven to provide long-term improved joint function.

Personalised therapy

Flexible and fully personalised care programme, meeting your specific needs

AposTherapy® treats each patient as an individual. During the initial consultation and throughout every follow-up at an AposTherapy® Centre, the treating ACPT will conduct a number of examinations in order to develop a personalised therapy programme that responds to the patients unique treatment needs. The patients’ experience our state-of-the art computerised gait analysis lab, complete pain, joint function, and quality of life questionnaires, as well as an in-depth physical examination focused on assessing the movement patterns. With AposTherapy®, each patients individual progress is closely monitored and whenever necessary the personalised treatment programme is adjusted and the  AposTherapy® device re-calibrated to ensure the best possible therapeutic results.

Continuous evaluation

Ensures treatment outcomes are optimised

The ACPT’s regularly review patients progress, as well as continually reassessing the patients compliance with the therapy at follow-up consultations which take place at the AposTherapy® Centre. In these follow-up appointments, patients repeat many of the examinations they did at the initial consultation to provide an objective and subjective assessment of your progress. Throughout the process, wherever necessary, the unique AposTherapy® device is adjusted and the personalised therapy programme updated to ensure the patients’ optimal treatment outcomes.


Clinically-proven, drug-free and non-surgical therapy

AposTherapy® is drug-free and non-surgical treatment that is registered with the FDA and CE marked. AposTherapy® is appropriate for patients of all ages including the elderly. Every patient is continuously monitored throughout the entire treatment process by specially trained AposTherapy® Certified Physiotherapists (ACPT’s). Extensive clinical experience indicates that any side effects are minor and rare and may manifest in mild fatigue and muscle aches. In rare cases where they appear they pass very quickly as treatment progresses.

Beyond convenient

Therapy that fits seamlessly into your daily life

AposTherapy® blends into the patients everyday life, for around 1-2 hours a day, making treatment easy to comply with for the best results. AposTherapy® transforms ordinary daily routine into a positive, pain-free rehabilitation process. The patient and ACPT decide together the time and place, fitting therapy in with their lifestyle as opposed to having to fit life around therapy. Treatment re-distributes the load away from the painful areas of the joint whilst simultaneously re-educates the muscles with minimal interruption to daily life and maximum rehabilitation. In fact, the patient won’t feel as if their muscles at all: You’ll just stop noticing the pain.

Dedicated profesional care

ACPTs closely monitor your pathway of care

The AposTherapy® team is trained to deliver premium patient-centric treatment with regards to clinical skills and ongoing support. ACPTs, specially trained physiotherapists personally monitor and administer your programme of care.

Improved gait patterns

Instills optimal load alignment and restores neuromuscular control, resulting in improved long-term function

High compliance

Easy-to-use, fitting seamlessly into daily life to deliver high patient compliance

Continuous monitoring

Dedicated ACPTs, specially trained physiotherapists, ensure optimal treatment results

Shared outcomes

Reliable outcome measures can be shared with the patient’s referring healthcare professional on request