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Back Pain


ls AposTherapy® suitable for back pain?


In low back pain, similar to lower extremity joint pathologies, the muscular control of the spine is altered as the body adopts a defensive, overactivity of the erector spinae muscles (lower back muscles). This disrupted neuromuscular control, often referred to as bracing, increases the compression of spinal structures and makes the spine more vulnerable. There is ample evidence from studies of this disrupted control in many activities.

By using the AposTherapy® device it is possible to redistribute and reduce the loads going through spinal structures, which in turn, reduces pain. The convexity of the Pertupods challenges the neuromuscular control and helps the body reacquire proper movement strategies. As patients use the device in a variety of activities, this motor learning takes place in all of them, creating simultaneous rehabilitation of a multitude of activities.

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Unique Benefits of AposTherapy

  • Non-surgical and drug-free.

  • Highly effective with reduction in pain, improvement in function and quality of life.

  • Clinically-proven for lasting pain relief.

  • Highly convenient and fits easily into your daily routine.

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