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Ankle sprains (recurrent sprains/functional instability)

Ankle sprains (recurrent sprains/functional instability)


Is AposTherapy® suitable for recurrent ankle sprains?



When not rehabilitated sufficiently, ankle sprains are a musculoskeletal condition that commonly leaves the patient with longer term pain and reduced ability to function. There are many possible reasons for recurrence of ankle sprains, but most of these reasons are directly or indirectly linked to poor proprioceptive input (body’s ability to sense movement) and a disruption of peronei muscles control over the lateral ankle.

The AposTherapy® device with its adjustable, convex Pertupods can be a powerful treatment in the rehabilitation of recurrent ankle sprains. In the early stages the Pertupods can be located in such a manner that they can reduce pain that occurs from lack of movements in the affected joint and ensure another sprain does not occur. Simultaneously, their convexity encourages the muscles to work in a more balanced pattern. As the patient’s control improves the protective support of the Pertupods can be gradually reduced and the challenge of their convexity increased.

Since motor learning is task specific, having the patients use the device in a variety of walking environments and in a variety of activities, such as stairs, jumping and landing, etc. can greatly speed up rehabilitation and return to activity.

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Unique Benefits of AposTherapy

  • Non-surgical and drug-free.

  • Highly effective with reduction in pain, improvement in function and quality of life.

  • Clinically-proven for lasting pain relief.

  • Highly convenient and fits easily into your daily routine.

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