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Persistent joint and muscle (i.e. musculoskeletal) pain takes a toll on quality of life. Lower back, hip, knee and ankle conditions make simple everyday activities a source of suffering and frustration. These problems tend to get worse over time, as pain, swelling and stiffness cause abnormal movement – and vice versa.

How AposTherapy® helps

There is growing clinical data on how AposTherapy® affects different musculoskeletal conditions, including knee OA, lower back pain, degenerative meniscal tears, anterior knee pain, spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee, total knee arthroplasty, hip osteoarthritis, total hip arthroplasty & recurrent ankle sprain.

In addition, statistically and clinically significant improvements were seen in patients’ pain, function and quality of life, using gold-standard criteria for clinical significance.

How AposTherapy® helps

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Why AposTherapy®?

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of patients would recommend AposTherapy® to friends and family1

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of candidates for surgery said they expected to delay or avoid surgery based on the initial results of AposTherapy®2

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reduction in painkiller consumption while using AposTherapy®3

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