It has been a great year for British Golf, Rory McIlroy managed to win two Major tournaments, one of which was the British Open and at the end of September all the best players in the world will be in Gleneagles for the Ryder Cup.

At AposTherapy® we treat many patients who used to be keen golfers but unfortunately due to suffering with various different lower limb conditions many of them had to stop playing. Returning to a sport or hobby you enjoy is always great motivation for people recovering from injuries and we always set realistic goals at the beginning of each patients treatment program. We are always pelased whenever we hear that one of our patients is back playing golf again.

With all this golfing activity going on we carried out some research on the most common types of golfing injury. Our ACPTs also provided some warm up exercies that can be carried out to reduce the risk of injuries ever occuring.