9 years ago, in a small room in the heart of Tel Aviv, two young doctors set out on a grand mission – to bring fresh hope to those afflicted with musculoskeletal conditions. That small room would not contain their ambitions for long, quickly growing into a full-sized, bustling clinic, demonstrating the immense need for such an approach.

9 years and countless ‘Pertupods’ later, AposTherapy® is now represented by 11 centres in 4 countries. Latest additions include the Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) and Manhattan (New York, USA) centres, where people from new regions have access to, and are benefiting from AposTherapy® for the first time.

Expansion was rapid – after having established the first flagship centre in Israel (Herzilya), AposTherapy® ventured to the UK, opening treatment centres in London and Reading. Towards the end of 2009, the Singapore centre was open, followed closely behind by another centre in Haifa, north of Israel. Birmingham, and Jerusalem were then added to the list in 2012, with Manchester, Kent, Edinburgh and Manhattan opening during 2013. Across these global locations, AposTherapy® has treated over 40,000 patients to date, and performs over 35,000 follow-up consultations on an annual basis.

But nothing came easy – Dr. Amit Mor, one of the two founding Doctors and current Chief Medical Officer, conveys the initial uncertainty and trepidation: “It wasn’t the case of being the new kid on the block; it was a whole new block.” Indeed, the challenge that faced them was daunting, and as their vision expanded to beyond Israel’s borders, so did the task.

AposTherapy® surged forward, both medically as well as structurally. The sound research was gaining share of voice in medical journals around the world, piquing the interest of both doctors and medical insurers alike.

Concurrently, a unique in-depth training program was developed for new ACPTs (licensed physiotherapists specially trained to deliver AposTherapy®) –  all therapists spend several weeks at the global head office in Israel, immersing in the culture of patient-centric progressive therapy, mastering gait analysis and calibration of the biomechanical device. They then spend several weeks in their respective countries, receiving supervised on-the-job training that gives them the set of skills required to deliver the treatment.

The deliberate focus on both research and training ensures high-quality, homogenous treatment across all AposTherapy® Centres, and sees that new expansions are without compromise in quality of treatment, or delivery of service.

Paul Wong, ACPT, Singapore


Finally, we are proud to note the globalised nature of both our employees and patients alike – from Paul Wong, an ACPT who was born in Malaysia, educated in New Zealand, and now delivering an Israeli treatment in Singapore (!), to David Darrelo, an Australian patient who has received our treatment in all three continents – Asia, Europe, and North America