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AposTherapy® Testimonials

Amazed by my progress after 3 months. No sign of a limp and comfortable walking already.  Looking forward to the next 3 months.

RM from Ampthill (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

When I first attended APOS, I had resigned myself to a replacement knee operation. 12 months on and my movement is better (100%) and I am looking forward to a physically active retirement.  For me, the treatment has changed my life.

Thank you Apostherapy!

RV from Bedford (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

After 6 months of treatment my right knee which needed treatment has improved a lot.  Now the original pain has considerably reduced.  This means that it is easier for me to do my housework and walks in the park.  This has made me feel happier and so i am very keen to continue with the treatment.

MLM from Bedford (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

My first month on Apos (feeling good!).  Pain greatly reduced, mobility increased.  To think 2 months ago I was talking about having knee replacement surgery.

JD from Stondon (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

I started Apos after trying physio to no avail.  From the start pain reduced and 6 months on, no pain, walking improved and avoided knee operations.

JD from Bedford (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

Five months on, no pain when walking at all. Now can climb stairs easily. Walking faster and getting up from a sitting position and out of bed easier. Leg feels much stronger.

ALD from Dunstable (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

First visit in April 2016 in a great deal of pain from my left knee.  Had very restricted mobility, great difficulty getting up and and sitting down.  I was skeptical when i saw the boots! Over a year on, the difference is amazing- I can walk without pain or restriction and am contemplating a return to sport.  Highly recommend this treatment.

GG from Woburn Sands, UK (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

I was doubtful that the therapy would work but after three months I feel a definite improvement in my hip pain and mobility.  I still wake at night but am hopeful that things will improve!

JP from Bedford (Circle Bedfordshire- NHS Project)

Katy has been marvelous – very thorough and professional. she listened patiently to all my many symptoms! Her positive and optimistic attitude has definitely contributed to the improvement which I have made so far.

AJ, 61, from Kent, UK

I’m writing on behalf of my mum who has tried AposTherapy® today. She has seen an immediate improvement in pain levels and as a family we are really excited about moving forward with treatment. “Our” therapist Amy was brilliant, understanding and talked us through all our questions and fears etc. Really happy, thank you very much!!

CM, 73, from Gloucestershire, UK

Very helpful and professional. The boots definitely help to reduce the pain in my knees.

MR, 69, from London, UK

I started AposTherapy® nearly three years ago and can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I’ve received from Ed in that time. Because of Apos, I was able to make a trip to Australia in March this year – something I never thought I would be able to do because of the arthritis in my knee. I’ve given up walking with a stick and I’ve every confidence in the AposTherapy® removing any twinges I may get. Thank you Ed.

PB, 65, from Devon, UK

This therapy is amazing. From having knee pain on a regular basis and being in pain for a week or so each time, when my knee flares up it is only a matter hours before the pain subsides. The treatment is very thorough and I am confident that I will not now need surgery.

BC, 67, from London, UK

In just a few months I have noticed a big improvement with my walking, I am very pleased with the staff and their professional approach. Hope I continue to improve!

PG, 65, from Elstree, UK

Before I came for AposTherapy® I had constant pains in both my knees due to chronic arthritis. When I was younger I over indulged in sports and had four separate menisectomies and two osteomies over a period of time. My last remaining option was knee replacements but gladly was introduced to AposTherapy® and felt that I have been given a new lease of life. From the last 15 years of having to plan carefully short walks (always with the aid of a stick and wearing MBTs), I can now enjoy pain free exercises, my life is so much richer.

AK, 56, from Toulouse, France

I came in for a free trial from Bupa, July 2011. My therapist was Katy Veale. After an Initial assessment. I was given my boots and found them an instant success. I changed from finding extreme difficulty in walking half a mile for my papers, to being able to walk in boots for a good two miles. I progressed with exercises and adjustments to the boots for six months, which continued for another six months. Recently I succeeded in walking with ease for six and a half hours over Dartmoor in walking boots. For me it has been a wonderful experience. Katy has always been at the end of the phone for advice, I would recommend the treatment.

KND, 68, from London, UK

I have osteoarthritis in both knees and have had three arthroscopies for meniscal tears over the last seven years. The surgeries have been unsuccessful and both my rheumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon have not advised further surgery or knee replacement. Since commencing APOS, the pain and swelling in my knees has improved dramatically and seven months on I am looking forward to a much healthier, pain free and flexible lifestyle! Thank you APOS!

IN, 57, from Warwickshire, UK

My AposTherapy® experience has been extremely helpful. It has prevented a knee operation for which I am more than grateful. The staff are kind and attentive and Katy, my physio, has been more than excellent. I would certainly recommend AposTherapy® to anyone who has been told they should have an operation. It may well prevent them from having to go through a procedure.

SH, 49, from London, UK

Delighted with my treatment – I can now walk 18 holes on the golf course, 6 miles with the ramblers. Free from pain after 4 months of treatment. APOS, stay a delight – Thank you.

SP, 68, from Melton Mowbry, UK

I used Apos boots from January 2014 and noticed a big improvement, I have less pain and able to walk a lot more than before. Even driving is a lot better now, looking forward to having a lot less pain in the future, early days at the moment. thanks everyone.

CC, 53, from Birmingham, UK

Following a meniscal tear and developing arthritis I came to Apos in December 2013. I have made significant improvements, and although I accept the pain will always be there – reduced though – my mobility is much better. The stiffness is much less and I can now walk up to 5 miles, after my op I could barely walk for 5 minutes. Rebecca is very friendly, patient and pleased to say, a perfectionist! I would highly recommend Apos.

LM, 54, from Warrington, UK

I began AposTherapy® in August 2012. I have an ankle replacement following an accident a number of years ago. This was affecting my knees and I was likely to need a knee replacement. Apos has ensured that this is now unnecessary. My life has been transformed. I can walk further and without pain ; my knees and ankle no longer swell and general wellbeing has improved. Thank you.

JW, 64, from Chepstow, UK

I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received from Apos. I was considering and was advised to have an operation, but saw your advertisement in the Times – took it up and have not looked back. My knee is better than it was 3 years ago. The Staff at Apos have been excellent.

DS, 74, from Birmingham, UK