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About AposTherapy®

A New Approach

AposTherapy® is an innovative, personalised, non-surgical and drug-free programme for knee and back pain, based on a foot-worn biomechanical device which is individually-calibrated by specially-trained chartered physiotherapists. Developed by medical doctors coming from the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine and founded on well-established scientific principles,

AposTherapy® is clinically proven to deliver long term pain relief and to improve function, mobility and quality of life. More than 50,000 patients have benefited already worldwide.

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Our Process

The AposTherapy® Process from consultation to reduced pain
Step 1: Initial Consultation+

  During your initial consultation at an AposTherapy® Centre your  AposTherapy® Certified Physical Therapist (ACPT), a specially trained physiotherapist, will conduct a clinical evaluation, much like a physiotherapist will conduct in any clinic. In addition to that you will go through a specialized assessment of pain, function and quality of life questionnaires, in order to develop a personalised therapy programme that responds to your unique treatment needs. Utilising state-of-the-art computerised equipment, the ACPT will obtain an in-depth analysis of your: step length (knee pain or back pain can cause shorter steps); load distribution on each leg (less weight tends to be placed on an injured leg); walking velocity (injuries often make people walk slower); and gait symmetry (which can assess any limping). This gives the ACPT a clearer picture of how the way you move may be causing your pain, and how AposTherapy® can provide a long-term solution to treat it. Based on the evaluation you’ll receive your personally-calibrated foot-worn biomechanical device to help relieve pressure from your knee, and re-train the muscular system around the joint.

Step 2: Treatment as part of daily life+

AposTherapy® blends into your everyday life, for around an hour a day, making treatment easy to comply with for the best results. AposTherapy® transforms your ordinary daily routine into a positive, highly effective rehabilitation process. You decide the time and place, fitting therapy in with your lifestyle, as opposed to having to fit your life around therapy. As you continue with your everyday routine activities such as walking from room to room and getting up from a chair, while wearing your biomechanical device, your body is learning, without you even noticing it, re-educating correct movement patterns as the joints perform hundreds of repetitions. With every step, in your own environment and following your typical daily schedule, AposTherapy® is instilling optimal walking patterns for long term pain relief and improved mobility.  

Step 3: Ongoing Patient Care+

AposTherapy® is a dynamic treatment, constantly appraised and adjusted to ensure optimal success throughout your pathway of care. During follow-up consultations at your chosen clinic your therapy programme is reassessed. Your ACPT will conduct several examinations similar to those performed during the initial consultation, such as repeating the computerised gait analysis test, as well as pain, function and quality of life assessments to provide an objective and subjective reflection of your progress. Throughout the process, wherever necessary your biomechanical device is adjusted and your personalised therapy programme updated to ensure you reach your treatment goals.

Step 4: Be Yourself Again+

Independent surveys in the UK show that 85% of AposTherapy® patients experience pain reduction following treatment, most of them in just over a month. In some cases patients tell us their pain relief is immediate during their very first consultation. With AposTherapy®, every step you take with the device relieves the stress on your painful joints. In parallel, your muscles are trained to become more synchronised so that they correctly control your movements, even when you are not using the device. Treatment has minimal interruption to daily life and maximum rehabilitation. In fact, you won’t feel like you’re working your muscles at all. You’ll just stop noticing the pain, so you can move with confidence and be yourself again.

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