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Conditions we treat  

·         Knee osteoarthritis treatment

·         Meniscal tear & torn meniscus treatment

·         Lower back pain treatment

·         Chronic knee pain treatment

·         Knee ligament damage treatment

·         Patello-femoral pain treatment

·         Rehabilitation following knee surgery

·         Knee Problems


The AposTherapy Treatment

·         A new approach to treating knee pain

·         Where Does It Hurt?

·         AposTherapy FAQ


Patients Reviews

·         Meniscal tear patient review Kenneth Neville Davis

·         Knee osteoarthritis patient review: Stephen Clark

·         Knee osteoarthritis review: Anthony-Noel Kelly

·         Lower back pain patient review: Patricia Gordon

·         Knee osteoarthritis patient review: Barbara Cooper

·         Knee osteoarthritis patient review: Penny Brown

·         Lower back pain & knee pain patient review

·         Knee osteoarthritis patient review: Michael Ritman

·         Knee pain patient review: Christine Mathis

·         Lower back pain & knee pain patient review

·         Knee osteoarthritis & arthroscopy patient review

·         Knee pain patient review: Daphne Wilkinson


Video: Patient testimonial videos

·         Steve Edginton, Chronic knee pain

·         Judith Figuiere, Knee osteoarthritis

·         Lynn Batham, Torn Meniscus & Knee osteoarthritis

·         Tony Parks, Knee foot and back pain

·         MaureenMcKerrall, Knee osteoarthritis


Video: Experts talk about AposTherapy

·         Experts talk about AposTherapy

·         Dr Natalie Jane Macdonald discusses AposTherapy

·         Professor Philip Conaghan discusses AposTherapy

·         Dr Richard Jones discusses AposTherapy

·         Dr Katerina Herren discusses AposTherapy

·         Dr John Chisolm discusses AposTherapy


Video: Additional information about AposTherapy

·         Dr Chris Steele AposTherapyintroduction video

·          AposTherapy initial consultation video


Healthcare professionals

·         Thought Leaders

·         Medical research

·         The science behind AposTherapy

·         Case reports

·         How to refer patients


Case studies

·         AposTherapy case study: Stephen Hall

·         Christine Harpur a patient case study

·         AposTherapy case study: Peter Lead


Medical research

·         How AposTherapy improves gait in knee Osteoarthritis patients

·         How a foot worn biomechanical device helps knee OA sufferers

·         Effects of a biomechanical therapy on patients with knee OA

·         Non-invasive biomechanical training: A longitudinal gait study

·         A two year follow up study: For knee osteoarthritis patients

·         A unique foot-worn device for patients with a torn meniscus

·         How foot COP manipulation results in improved gait patterns

·         Study: A biomechanical device improves gait for lower back pain

·         Controlling the knee coronal plane moment via modulation of COP

·         Biomechanical aspects of knee osteoarthritis and AposTherapy

·         Lower limb osteoarthritis: Implications for therapy

·         The biomechanics of osteoarthritis: Implications for therapy

·         AposTherapy: The unique biomechanical system


Thought leaders

·         Will Knee Osteoarthritis bring Britain to its knees?

·         Dr Natalie Jane Macdonald discusses AposTherapy

·         Professor Phillip Conaghan discusses AposTherapy

·         Dr. Richard Jones talks about AposTherapy

·         Dr Katerina Herren talks about AposTherapy


Publications & Articles

·         Information on knee osteoarthritis

·         AposTherapy benefits

·         10 things you should know about osteoarthritis

·         Active with knee osteoarthritis

·         Osteoarthritis risk factors


AposTherapy Centres

BMI Hospital Birmingham

·         AposTherapy Centre Birmingham

·         AposTherapy Team Birmingham



·         AposTherapy Centre Reading

·         AposTherapy Team Reading



·         AposTherapy Centre London

·         AposTherapy Team London


News and events

·         About AposTherapy

·         Events

·         News

·         Corporate information

·         Past events

Additional Information

·         Careers at AposTherapy

                   Apos certified Physiotherapist

·         AposTherapy world-wide headquarters

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