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See What Anthony-Noel Kelly , 56, from Toulouse , France wrote about AposTherapy

Before I came for AposTherapy I had constant pains in both my knees due to chronic arthritis. When I was younger I over indulged in sports and had four separate menisectomies and two osteomies over a period of time. My last remaining option was knee replacements but gladly was introduced to AposTherapy and felt that I have been given a new lease of life. From the last 15 years of having to plan carefully short walks (always with the aid of a stick and wearing MBTs), I can now enjoy pain free exercises, my life is so much richer.

Shirley Harris, 49, from London, UK: "My AposTherapy experience has been extremely helpful. It has prevented a knee operation for which I am more than grateful. The staff are kind and..."
David Shipton, 74, from Birmingham, UK: "I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received from Apos. I was considering and was advised to have an operation, but saw your advertisement..."
Sue Pyle, 68, from Melton Mowbry, UK: "Delighted with my treatment - I can now walk 18 holes on the golf course, 6 miles with the ramblers. Free from pain after 4 months of treatment...."
Derek Green, 67, from London, UK: "Entirely due to AposTherapy I have avoided the back surgery that was recommended. My knee replacement has also improved dramatically. Thanks..."