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See What Stephen Clarke, 58, from Loughborough, UK wrote about AposTherapy

An excellent service; the staff are very welcoming and helpful. I feel valued and encouraged that my treatment plan is personalised to my needs. I came a little sceptical but after a very short period of time I have noticed a significant improvement - I am an Apos convert! I would recommend this treatment regime; it works.
Lorn Morrison, 54, from Warrington, UK: "Following a meniscal tear and developing arthritis I came to Apos in December 2013. I have made significant improvements, and although I accept the..."
Michael Ritman, 69, from London, UK: "Very helpful and professional. The boots definitely help to reduce the pain in my knees...."
Isabel Natrins, 57, from Warwickshire, UK: "I have osteoarthritis in both knees and have had three arthroscopies for meniscal tears over the last seven years. The surgeries have been..."
Daphne Wilkinson , 63, from Middlesex, UK: "Has been very pleasant. Everyone has been so friendly, our consultant Kate was very professional and everything was clearly explained. The results of..."