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See What Michael Ritman, 69, from London, UK wrote about AposTherapy

Very helpful and professional. The boots definitely help to reduce the pain in my knees.
Sue Pyle, 68, from Melton Mowbry, UK: "Delighted with my treatment - I can now walk 18 holes on the golf course, 6 miles with the ramblers. Free from pain after 4 months of treatment...."
Isabel Natrins, 57, from Warwickshire, UK: "I have osteoarthritis in both knees and have had three arthroscopies for meniscal tears over the last seven years. The surgeries have been..."
Penny Brown , 65, from Devon, UK: "I started AposTherapy nearly three years ago and can't speak highly enough of the treatment I've received from Ed in that time. Because of Apos, I..."
David Shipton, 74, from Birmingham, UK: "I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received from Apos. I was considering and was advised to have an operation, but saw your advertisement..."