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See What Daphne Wilkinson , 63, from Middlesex, UK wrote about AposTherapy

Has been very pleasant. Everyone has been so friendly, our consultant Kate was very professional and everything was clearly explained. The results of the shoes were clear from as soon as you put them on. I look forward to my progress
Stephen Clarke, 58, from Loughborough, UK: "An excellent service; the staff are very welcoming and helpful. I feel valued and encouraged that my treatment plan is personalised to my needs. I..."
Patricia Gordon, 65, from Elstree, UK: "In just a few months I have noticed a big improvement with my walking, I am very pleased with the staff and their professional approach. Hope I..."
Lorn Morrison, 54, from Warrington, UK: "Following a meniscal tear and developing arthritis I came to Apos in December 2013. I have made significant improvements, and although I accept the..."
Sue Pyle, 68, from Melton Mowbry, UK: "Delighted with my treatment - I can now walk 18 holes on the golf course, 6 miles with the ramblers. Free from pain after 4 months of treatment...."