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What is AposTherapy®

AposTherapy® is an innovative, personalised, non-surgical and drug-free programme for knee and back pain, based on a foot-worn biomechanical device which is individually-calibrated by specially-trained chartered physiotherapists. Developed by medical doctors coming from the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine and founded on well-established scientific principles, AposTherapy® is clinically proven to deliver long term pain relief and to improve function, mobility and quality of life. More than 50,000 patients have benefited already worldwide. Read more

AposTherapy® Partners with Arthritis Care

The start of a new enterprising healthcare partnership between innovators in musculoskeletal health and biomechanic technology, AposTherapy®, and the largest membership organisation for people with all types of arthritis, Arthritis Care. Click here to find out more

Read about AposTherapy® in the News

AposTherapy® patient Sheryll Holmwood tells her story "I know it sounds a bit far-fetched and if I hadn't seen it for myself I would never have believed it but almost immediately I had no pain." Read more
Approximately 90,000 knee operations took place in NHS clinics and hospitals last year at an average cost of over £6,500 each “All the evidence suggests that biomechanical approaches, such as AposTherapy, can make a real difference for some patients.” Read more
Former GB Olympic hockey player Calum Giles talking about his experience with the AposTherapy treatment, and how it has allowed him to regain his activity levels. Read more

Medical research

The development of AposTherapy was the result of more than 11 years of extensive research and trials by our Clinical Research Group and the principles of applying a scientific approach to everything we do is at the core of and instilled into the very essence of AposTherapy. Read more

How AposTherapy® Works?

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Patient Testimonials

Sheryll Holmwood - Beating knee pain against the odds

Learn how Sheryll beat knee pain and got her life back on track.

Patient Before and After Video

Watch how AposTherapy helped this patient regain her mobility.

Experts Talks

Dr Chris Steele on Osteoarthritis and Knee Pain

Resident ITV Doctor, Chris Steele discusses the benefits of AposTherapy for treating osteoarthritis.

Professor Oliver Pearce

"AposTherapy represents a new tool in the box for those patients who don’t yet need a knee replacement."