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Will Knee Osteoarthritis bring Britain to its knees?

Thought Paper on Knee Osteoarthritis & AposTherapy
Overhauling the diagnosis and treatment of knee pain in the UK: AposTherapy launches pilot results to medical community   AposTherapy...

Dr Natalie Jane Macdonald

Managing Director at Bupa Health and Wellbeing
"The increased levels of mobility and overall improvement in quality of life among patients has been significant, and in some cases,...

Professor Philip Conaghan

Professor and Chair of Musculoskeletal Medicine, University of Leeds
“It’s great to see that AposTherapy are serious about looking into the mechanisms by which their therapy might be...

Dr. Richard Jones

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biomechanics, University of Salford
“Personal targeting of biomechanical interventions for knee osteoarthritis patients is vital."     Dr Richard Jones...

Dr Katerina Herren

Medical Director, Bupa Health and Wellbeing
"We are really enjoying working with AposTherapy on this service for our members and it being part of our portfolio."   Dr...

Dr John Chisholm

Council member, Royal College of General Practitioners
"Interventions that make a lasting difference to patients’ experience and function are clearly very...

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