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A novel biomechanical device improves gait pattern in patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain

Elbaz A et al., SPINE 2009

AposTherapy has been used to treat approximately 2,000 patients suffering from Chronic Non Specific Low Back Pain (CNSLBP) and slipped discs. Clinically validating this knowledge-base, a study examined CNSLBP patients treated with AposTherapy. The study proved that following three months of treatment there was a significant improvement in walking patterns and joint functionality.

Patients exhibited extended stride length and gait velocity, as well as an overall improvement in walking pattern symmetry. Internal data produced during the trial also indicated considerable pain relief for the participants of the study.

Patients with CNSLBP tend to alter the way they walk, avoiding extensive hip and spine movements, to minimize the pressure and weight on the painful area. This protective mechanism is compounded by changes in the neuromuscular control system which doctors believe may be as a result of the effects of pain on motor control.

19 patients participated in this study which attempted to examine whether AposTherapy could improve the movement patterns and neuromuscular control of patients with CNSLBP. At the start of the study each subject was fully evaluated in a computerised walking analysis lab to establish their baseline, starting point and provide a complete spatiotemporal assessment of the way they walk. The AposTherapy unique biomechanical system was adjusted according to an analysis of the patients’ walking patterns. The study patients were then instructed in a personalised therapy plan which merged into their routine activities for a period of 12 weeks.

At the end of the study a repeat of the computerised walking analysis indicated that the CNSLBP patients who’d used AposTherapy for 12 weeks had increased their walking speed. Longer step length and more symmetrical walking patterns also indicated that the protective mechanism applied to combat the pain by the patients at the start of the trial had been diminished.

Elbaz A, Mirovsky Y, Mor A, Enosh S, Debbi E, Segal G, Barzilay Y, Debi R. A novel biomechanical device improves gait pattern in patient with chronic nonspecific low back pain. Spine 2009, 34:E507-12.

Elbaz A et al. SPINE 2009 

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