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Stephen Hall

“AposTherapy has allowed me to participate more in family life and return to the sports that I love and that are important for my long term health.”
Age       48






  • A severe motorcycle accident in 1983 broke tibia and fibia bones in the left leg
  • Successful surgery enabled normal functioning until 2001, when swelling in the knee would follow sports activity
  • Concurrently the quadriceps muscle wasted causing pain and instability
  • Diagnosis confirmed that knee cartilage had gradually worn away due to joint misalignment
  • A tibial osteotomy provided limited symptom relief

Gait analysis results

The way a patient walk plays an important part in the development and progression of osteoarthritis. That’s why we conduct a computerised gait analysis to provide an in-depth analysis of each patient's:

  • Walking velocity (injuries often make people walk slower)
  • Step length (pain can cause shorter steps)
  • Single limb support (less weight tends to be placed on an injured leg)

The charts below depicts the patient's condition at baseline and improvement on those three objective gait parameters through the treatment programme.


Stephen Hall Testimonial

Stephen Hall, is a police officer, who became unable to participate in the sports he enjoyed, when intensive activity started to cause painful inflammation in his left knee. The situation deteriorated to the point where his knee would painfully lock at night and even going for a light walk led to severe swelling and discomfort.

“It got so bad that after a morning of sitting at my desk, having stepped out to buy a sandwich at lunch, it was a real struggle just to walk back to the office.“

At this point Stephen was referred to a specialist and discovered that his cartilage had worn away in his knee. He then had a tibial osteotomy which helped, but didn’t address the wasting in his upper thigh muscle, or the pain felt after activity. Two years ago he decided to try AposTherapy.

An AposTherapist, specially trained physiotherapist, administered Stephen’s initial evaluation. His personalised therapy programme was designed based on the results of his interview, physical examination and computerised spatio-temporal gait analysis, as well as WOMAC and SF-36 pain, function and quality of life assessments.  “I was very impressed with the set up at the Reading Centre and found the AposTherapists to be efficient and knowledgeable. They’ve always taken the time to explain everything and have given me the confidence to continue to progress.“

Stephen could see a marked improvement by his second appointment. He felt less pain and could do more. At every follow-up Stephen’s AposTherapist examined Stephen, repeating many of the tests he’d performed during his initial consultation to adjust his therapy programme for optimal treatment results. Stephen could clearly see the difference in his gait patterns on performing the spatio-temporal computerised gait analysis during follow-up consultations.“You have to give it a couple of weeks because the treatment is re-training your body to walk in a certain way, but I could clearly see I was building my muscles up again. I now find I can work in the office or walk comfortably for miles, with or without the system

Stephen had only ever taken pain killers once or twice a month when pain became unbearable, however, with AposTherapy he has barely taken them at all. “Now it is very infrequent, maybe twice a year and usually for a reason like banging my knee on the table. “

I was very cynical at first, but honestly I can’t fault it. AposTherapy has improved my quality of life and, quite frankly, allowed me to continue doing my job.

In fact, having overcome his initial reservations, Stephen was so impressed that he approached his AposTherapist and volunteered to act as a case study to help other patients improve their quality of life.  “I wanted to let people know that it’s well worth the money – you are getting an expert course of treatment with personal consultation, a system that’s adjusted as you improve, with regular follow-ups and professionals that are always on hand if you have any queries. For me - it’s an investment in my health longevity and of course, it works.”

Stephen feels that AposTherapy has significantly improved his quality of life.
AposTherapy has significantly taken away the pain in my knee and built my muscles up. I now play football again and I can even keep refereeing my son’s under seven’s team.  When I used to play cricket it could take four days to recover and I shouldn’t really have been playing at all. Now I’m playing to quite a reasonable standard. My wife has noticed that I’m more active at home; I don’t struggle anymore with the gardening, we can go out walking together and I can put my son on my shoulders - something I would never have dared to do before.”

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