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Peter Lead

"Within a couple of weeks the pain just disappeared and my limp went after a month. With pain gone life is a lot more comfortable!"






  • Removal of cartilage in the right knee in 1969
  • Since then no surgery and currently has been told he is not a candidate for Total Knee Replacement surgery
  • The condition has gradually worsened over the past  6 - 7 years
  • Over the last 6 months the left knee has started to show symptoms of increased pain and limited function


Gait analysis results

The way a patient walk plays an important part in the development and progression of osteoarthritis. That’s why we conduct computerised gait analysis to provide an in-depth analysis of each patient's:

  • Walking velocity (injuries often make people walk slower)
  • Step length (pain can cause shorter steps)
  • Single limb support (less weight tends to be placed on an injured leg)

The charts below depicts the patient's condition at baseline and improvement on those three objective gait parameters through the treatment programme.

Peter Lead testemonial 

Peter Lead, is a planning consultant based in Stroud. Following the removal of his right knee cartilage in 1969, his joint had gradually deteriorated. Over the last seven years he found the pain of bone rubbing against bone had become unmanageable.  In the six months before starting AposTherapy, his left knee had also started to decline rapidly.

Peter found his condition was compromising his ability to perform ordinary daily tasks and had reached a point where he was unable to participate in some of his favourite pastimes.“The knee without the cartilage had become progressively more painful over the last year. I was limping and any walking was uncomfortable, certainly for more than 20 minutes. Despite the discomfort, I persisted and would still play a round of golf, or walk the dog, but as the pain increased it affected my desire to do things.”

Having consulted with his health care professional, Peter was advised that at this stage a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) procedure was not recommended, given that he could still walk the length of the fairway and had some, if limited, mobility. However, the pain continued. Having seen an advertisement for AposTherapy Peter thought it was worth a try. He felt the effects almost immediately. 

Peter has been an AposTherapy patient for four and a half months and has really felt the benefits in every sphere of his life.“It was very quick; within two weeks I could already feel the difference. The major thing was that my pain disappeared. I trust that, given time, this will progress even further. With pain gone life becomes a lot more comfortable!

My wife has been most struck by the fact that my limp has gone. I find overall my knees feel tighter and stronger, which has essentially meant the removal of my pain. I’m planning to play more golf when the weather improves and can now able to walk 6 miles with only the slightest discomfort.”

AposTherapy embodies the principles of functional rehabilitation, delivering effective and lasting treatment that Peter has found easy to comply with. As he moves, from room to room at home, he is performing multiple repetitions of automatic and subconscious exercises that instil optimal movement patterns.

Complying with the therapy is really easy, fitting into my daily life as simply as wearing slippers round the house.”



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