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Our Story

AposTherapy® was developed by Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor who come from the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine. The development of the treatment began in the 90's in response to the growing evidence and better understanding of biomechanics and the central role that the neuromuscular system plays in the development and the rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions.

In 2004, the company was incorporated and the first flagship center was opened in Herzliya, Israel. Nine years and countless Pertupods later, with over 50,000 patients treated worldwide, AposTherapy® now has 11 centers available in four countries (US, UK, Israel and Singapore).

In 2015 the company launched a global initiative to offer its technology and treatment through premier physical therapy centers and orthopedics practices.

In the U.K. and Singapore, where the company runs its own clinics, it has also been executing this new strategy. In the first two months it appointed leading physical therapy centers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Southampton, including Physio 1st, Premier Physical Healthcare, and former Olympics Physiotherapist Kim Waters’ Therapeutics Southampton. In Singapore, it has appointed Core Concepts, that country’s largest private physiotherapy group in that country.

In the U.S., where it has operated a clinic in Manhattan since 2013, AposTherapy has appointed its first providers -- in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester and Putnam Counties. The first U.S. provider, One Physical Therapy in Syosset NY, reports that it has treated some 40 patients since August, with all of them reporting positive results to date. The company plans to expand to other U.S. markets.

AposTherapy® is a personalized program for the treatment of various orthopedic conditions, which utilizes an individually calibrated, patent protected, foot-worn biomechanical device. The treatment is delivered by specially-trained physical therapists and is carried out during the patient’s normal daily activities, at home or at work, for about an hour a day to enable optimal results.

The aim of AposTherapy® is to address the biomechanical abnormalities that are characteristic of various orthopaedic conditions – the body's mal-alignment, muscle weakness, impaired neuromuscular control and the resulted abnormal pathological movement patterns. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to promote and restore desired motor patterns.

Our philosophy is to empower patients by enhancing their understanding of their condition and the underlying causes of their symptoms. This knowledge, combined with a personalized treatment modality, allows the patient to take active control over their therapy and progress. Their progress is closely monitored and clinical outcomes are shared with the patients so they have an objective measurement of their improvement.

The principles of applying a scientific approach to everything we do is at the core of, and instilled into, the very essence of AposTherapy®. To date, we have many collaborative research papers published in independent peer-reviewed journals. 

We welcome all opportunities to learn and understand more about the various musculoskeletal diseases and their pathophysiologies, manifestations, and how AposTherapy® and its partners can jointly improve the quality of life of those affected.

"I researched Apostherapy as treatment for my patients, and visited the treatment centre in Central London. I was impressed by the devotion and care to patients. Subsequently many patients that I (and general practice) do not have to offer for joint pain, have referred for an objective assessment -not everyone will benefit, but all the patients are impressed by a thorough investigation." Dr Martin Harris