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Dr. Katerina Herren

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Dr Katerina Herren commented:

"We at Bupa are very mindful of the burden knee osteoarthritis brings to our members. There are a number of conservative treatments recommended by NICE and other guideline bodies including non-steroidal, weight loss, anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, orthotics and CBT for pain relief. For many of our members if they have tried these conservative options with little success, the only option available is surgery. However, surgery has risks and not all surgical interventions for OA are fully supported by the evidence. So these customers are looking at a knee replacement and currently, the UK performs 80,000 of these a year.

"For us then, any new treatments that offer conservative options for our members such as AposTherapy has, in the last 24 months, can only provide a positive outcome. We are really enjoying working with AposTherapy on this service for our members and it being part of our portfolio." 

Interview with DR. Katerina Herren at the Royal College of Surgeons during the round table "Will knee osteoarthritis bring britain to it's knees."