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Balanced Edinburgh operate from 5 prestigious locations in Edinburgh and also have a sub-clinic for Apostherapy only in Aberdeen. The 2 Company Directors, Judith Paterson and Ben Brown have been providing high end health and fitness in the private sector for around 15 years.
The Balanced team is multi-disciplinary, offering a holistic, one stop shop for all our patient’s healthcare needs. Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists and Pilates Instructors all cross refer to ensure our patient gets the very best advice and healthcare for their condition.
Between us we have the skills to work with patients of all ages and conditions, allowing them to achieve their goals and lead the life they want to live. Apostherapy has provided us with the ability to achieve this even with our chronic pain patients who, previously we could offer little help to.
Our clinic locations around Edinburgh boast large treatment rooms, Pilates studios, gym facilities and a hydrotherapy pool. We have 2 city centre clinics on Queen St and in Stockbridge and 2 suburban clinics in Barnton and Heriot-Watt (both of which have free parking).

Balanced Edinburgh are the sole providers of Apostherapy in Scotland and have been offering this unique service since the beginning of 2015. Patients travel from all over Scotland, Ireland and the North of England for treatment, often making a day of it by visiting the Edinburgh attractions. We are currently managing 250 patients with Apostherapy.
We have had great success with all the usual conditions treated by Apostherapy but in addition to this we have successfully treated many patients with severe spinal stenosis, 2 of which have managed to avoid spinal surgery. We have also treated 3 patients with traumatic ankle fractures and all 3 made an almost complete recovery, returning to all their previous activities.
Our team of 4 Apos trained Physiotherapits includes Polly Mackie, a previous employee of Apostherapy with over 4 years experience in using this treatment. Our own multi-disciplinary team regularly refer patients to Apostherapy, as do other local Physios and Orthopaedic consultants. Working as a team, whether that is in house or externally, is crutial when dealing with longer standing conditions.

Balanced ACPT(s)+

Judith is a Chartered Physiotherapist with 20 years of post graduate experience. This has been gained within the NHS and private Healthcare settings, including 10 years as team physiotherapist for Edinburgh Academicals Rugby Club. Her particular interests lie in the treatment of occupation related injuries, sports injuries and spinal pain. In 2002 Judith decided to work in the private sector where she felt she could offer her patients a more comprehensive Physiotherapy service, unrestricted by appointment times and waiting lists. At this time she set up a clinic on Frederick Street called Alternative Physiotherapy, which she ran until 2008. She then joined forces with Bryony White to establish a new business called Balanced Physiotherapy. In 2014 Judith joined with Pilates Works to form Balanced.


Sinead has worked for Balanced since January 2013 and splits her time doing physiotherapy, pilates and AposTherapy®. Her special interest is sports injuries, although she treats a variety of conditions and injuries. With her physiotherapy clients, Sinead uses a combination of manual therapy, dry needling, massage and taping when required. Her background in Pilates allows her to prescribe the most appropriate exercises for each client specific for them. Sinead is trained in both matwork and equipment pilates which she uses daily with her clients. She is also the team physiotherapist for RHC Cougars rugby club and has previously worked with a semi professional rugby club, Counties Manakau, in New Zealand where she worked on injury prevention and rehab. It is this knowledge that she applies in her rehab programs for each client.


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